Zombies really DO Exist!

 I have been thinking about Noah a lot lately… God told Noah to build a boat – and not just a tiny little boat but an Ark!  Oh how his extended family and neighbors must have ridiculed him.  They laughed at him and mocked him, yet what did Noah do?  He stayed focused.  God had given him an assignment to do and he remained focused keeping his eyes on Him.

Times have not changed all that much… What has happened in the past, still happens now.  If you are a Christian living in this day and age (especially in a liberal area) there is a very good chance that YOU have been laughed at or mocked for your faith.  Maybe you are the only Christian in your family and God has given you an assignment – the assignment is to intercede on behalf of those you around you who have not yet had those scales removed from their eyes.  They are walking in the dark.  Modern day Zombies who are existing from day to day not aware of what they don’t know.

Still you go and “build that boat.”

What has God called you to do?  Whatever it is you can bet you are part of a puzzle that we will not see the fullness there of until all is said and done.  Remember that we only see in part, while God sees in full.

Next time you are being treated badly by a modern day zombie, just remember that there was a time when YOU were one too.  The only difference between you and them is that God brought you into the knowledge of Him and the scales were removed from your eyes.   You awoken to the knowledge of what Jesus had done for you and of God’s loving grace.  As you sit there reading these words, reflect upon how you came to know Him.  And rejoice and praise God for His love, forgiveness, mercy and grace which is the only difference between you and someone who has not yet come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Remember, there ended up being  a time when that Ark God had Noah build was finished and the animals and Noah’s family were all tucked safely away in it when the rains came pouring down.  All of a sudden the mocking and laughter of those who had ridiculed Noah turned to fear and the realization that he had been right!  But it came late, for God had closed up the doors of the ark and all those mockers were lost.

The thought of that should make us more compassionate towards those who persecute us for our faith.  If Jesus was persecuted, and the apostles were persecuted there should be no surprise that we are persecuted as well.  PRAY for all those you know who are the “living zombies” and are unaware of it.  Pray that the scales will be removed from their eyes and that they won’t be lost like those in the flood.

God has called us to PRAY.  God has called us to LOVE the unlovable.  YES it is hard to love someone who hates you for who you are.  But if when dealing with them you look at them realizing that you are looking at someone who is in a spiritual war and isn’t even aware of it. PRAY FOR THEM.  Intercede for them.  Look beyond their hateful actions and think about this.   Just as the rains DID eventually come and all at that time realized that Noah’s prediction was true, Jesus IS coming again.


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