What Does Being “Christ’s Ambassador” Mean to You?

My kids, when they attended Christian private school, were taught to sing a song called “We are Christ’s Ambassadors,” that memory came to my mind today as I found myself thinking that each day, we are given a choice – to use our lives to represent the love of Christ to our family, friends and those God puts in our daily path, or we can live in the flesh, ruled by our thoughts and our feelings and allow the voice of the Holy Spirit to be turned down to a whisper as go about our day.

I’ve come to see at 30 years in Christ that one of ol’ slewfoot’s BIGGEST victories is when I respond to situations that do not glorify the Lord by remembering that I am one of His called Ambassadors.

Throughout the Bible we can see examples of how Christ responded to certain social situations that rose around Him. There were plenty of times where Jesus could have just thrown His hands up in the air and gave up on us!  But He didn’t!  We are not to look at others as our example – we are to look at Jesus!  This is something that is very important because many times instead of keeping our eyes on Jesus, the disappointments and short comings of others have made people “walk away” from God.  What a horrible thing to think that something I did or did not do caused someone to walk away from God.    As a Christian, that makes me wince.  Poor God gets the blame for someone else’s shortcomings and actions. 

The Bible tells us

Everything we experience in this life, Jesus experienced Himself.  He doesn’t expect perfection from us, but the Word of God is full of examples in how Jesus handled many of the same situations we go through today.  The Bible tells us:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Nothing surprises Him.  I think that we must pain Him though… 

Are you walking in a manner that would make Jesus say, “Look at my child _______________ (put in your name) she is doing honor to my name by… _________________” (Fill in the blank):

Walking in the forgiveness.  JESUS FORGAVE.  JESUS LIFTED UP. JESUS HEALED.

Jesus’ love is healing.  Are you healing or hurting someone?  Are you showing the love of Christ?  Because often times the healing that occurs in the life of another because of us being “Christ’s Ambassador” helps someone draw closer to God and emotionally heal.

The opposite of that is “tearing down” – even in hurt or anger.  And when we allow ourselves to be curt, or cruel or judgmental or unforgiving or assumptive it is NOT God who gets the honor, but the devil.  Jesus did NOT tear down.  Jesus did NOT hurt.  He loved. 

I find myself thinking about the people that Jesus came in contact with – the adulteress,  the demon possessed, the lepors – through everyone Jesus came in contact with HE SHOWED LOVE.

So you are reading my words and you are saying, “Yes Kelly, but THAT is Jesus.  He is part of the Trinity and I am NOT.  And by the way – Sister-so-and-so did THAT or Brother-over-there did THIS.” And you begin to point fingers at people you feel justified in responding in a certain manner…  My response?  (Because there are days when I do the same thing – so I am pointing the finger at myself…)  “Yes – Okay, Yeah, I get it.  Yeah in a worldly kinda sense I hear ya!  But here is the thing… YOU have been given the Holy Spirit inside of you.  What is He telling you?  Who are you listening to?  Is your voice or your mood or your situation or your flesh getting in the way of what the Holy Spirit is saying to you?  Because  He won’t raise His voice.  You have free choice.  You can choose to respond like-minded and “give tit for tat” or you can rise above it and respond in a manner that glorifies God.

I can’t imagine anything worse than knowing when I am standing at the throne of God that if I had responded in love and not “in hurt” or “in anger” how MUCH of a difference it would have made in someone’s life if I had put my angry feelings aside, “ate crow” and showed the love of Christ REGARDLESS of how wrong I felt treated.  Imagine seeing a scene where you see that you were the cause of someone else’s pain?


And satan laughs.  And He says, “Take a look at your creation God.  Why, I don’t even have to lift a finger because they are doing the work FOR me.  See how that one is seething over THAT one over there?  All because I put miscommunication and confusion between them.  It was SO easy to mess up their testimonies.”

Is THAT YOU?  I know sometimes that is me…  And it hurts the heart of God.

Think about what being “Christ’s Ambassador” means to you and each morning that you wake up, put that badge on thankfully, humbly and with lots of love.  See who you can touch with God’s love.  The way that He used someone to touch YOU.

Pray with me.  “Father God, please forgive me for my sins.  Please forgive me for the times when I haven’t represented You in the manner You, Yourself have shown me in Your Word I should represent myself.  Please forgive me (and help others to release me and forgive me for my mistakes, shortcomings or anything else that I might have done unknowingly to wound or injure them.)  Please help me to realize what a precious price You paid for us and help me to walk in a way that honors the love and sacrifice You gave for me.  Help me Father to represent You in a way that glorifies Your name and draws people to You.  Your Word tells us that “they will know us by the love we have for one another.”  And Father God, right now many of us are doing a disservice to that scripture.  Forgive us, help us, heal us, use us and most of all, please be glorified through our lives.  You call us to walk by Your Spirit and often we lose sight of that and find ourselves walking according to our flesh.  Help us to truly be “Your Ambassadors” to wake up every morning that You bless us with and remember that title that we wear.  Thank You Lord for Your grace, Your forgiveness, Your mercy and Your love.”  In Jesus’ precious name I pray.  AMEN.”

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