Early Detection Saves Lives!

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I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer on June 24, 2010.  It is hard to believe that 8 years have passed, but in that time I have met the strongest women I have ever known.  Women from all walks of life, from all over the world.  We have formed a Pink Rover Line of women and to be honest, these women have become closer to me than family – in fact, they ARE my family.  Who would have thought that the common bond that we shared – cancer, would result in the priceless friendships as the outcome?  80% of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer come from families that have had no history of it (as was the case in mine).  EARLY DETECTION IS KEY.  Please click on the link below to find out more information, it could possibly save your life.

 More Info on Breast Cancer (Click Here) 

For those who are early newly diagnosed, have metastatic cancer or are living a post-cancer life (like me) I hope you find some comfort in my “Post for Pinks” by clicking the link below.  You are NOT alone and you don’t have to go through cancer alone.  Please get connected by contacting the American Cancer Society for more information.  God bless and keep you!

Posts for Pinks (Click Here)

The Tsunami Called Breast Cancer

Written by Kelly Lynne Tumlinson, Dedicated with Love to my “Pink Rover Line”  A Few of Who You will See in the  Pictures Below.

Proof that God Can take what the devil has meant for evil and use it for Good.  “Greater is He that is Within me than he that is within the world.”

(1 John 4:4)

What a relief it would be to let my feelings pour out upon this page like a flood bursting from a dam. But I am experiencing an emotional drought. As if I’m having a riga mortis of my emotions. My eyes sting, there are no tears. Perhaps I am shell shocked? A prisoner inside my own head… 
I am walking along the shore of my life. All you know about me is what you see now. The ravages of a tsunami called breast cancer stormed into my life. 
No warning
No forecast. 
The storm clouds came in so quickly I had no time to plan or to gather my thoughts. 
No time to think.
The waves were over my head leaving me no time to do anything other than swim with the tide. Every moment I fought for my life. It left me unrecognizable to my own self. 

Who IS this woman? I do not recognize her? Where am I? Who am I? What happened???
 Like a person caught in the middle of a bad dream, I couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried. Talk about a crash course in learning? What was once only the pretty pink magnetic ribbons you see while in the checkout line of a grocery store became a crash course of Breast Cancer 101. I learned MORE than I ever wanted to know about my body. I was asked to make options and make choices as if I was shopping online and choosing between one item or another.
 “Would you prefer a mastectomy or a lumpectomy? Although you are a great candidate for a lumpectomy the choice is yours….” 
Like a bad dream where the girl is trying to run away from the murderer the only thing I could think of at that time was:
So hard to believe that one lump the size of a nickel, one painless little lump right where you would place your hand to say The Pledge of Allegiance, was capable of sucking the life out of me. Like a tick or a leach. Capable of whipping into a strong storm that would become a tsunami that would affect every area of my life and that of my family leaving no stone un-turned. How strange is it that cleaning up the aftermath of the tsunami hurts more than the tsunami itself? 
Walking along the shore, two years have passed. The Tsunami is gone now. So is life as I knew it.
 Is this shore my life? 
Yep… I recognize that broken piece of china. It was 19 years old. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it now, but that use to be a china cup called “marriage.” I won’t lie to you, it had a chip in it before the storm occurred. I think I accidentally chipped it. But it was still drinkable… It was my fault, the chipping. But the storm, well the cup couldn’t tolerate the gales of wind. The tidal wave shattered it into that unrecognizable piece of china you see right there. Throw it down now – before you cut your finger on that jagged piece. It’s no good to anyone. It’s just a memory of what once was.
Gazing around the shore of my life – I see familiar fragments of things that once were. Running my fingers through my short curls I lick lips that are dry. Trying to figure out which way of the shore I should walk.
 I would walk back the way I came, but I don’t know how. I would walk ahead – but I’m uncertain of where that would take me. I’ve lost my direction. I am in an unfamiliar place. I go and sit on the edge of a levy, feeling very much alone.
 “Helllooooooooooo!!!” I yell. The sound echos, “Anyone there????” 
Way off in the distance I can see a figure walking in my direction. A tiny little blurry figure. I walk towards the figure, nibbling on the bottom corner of my lip. Walking past strewn items of my life like seaweed and kelp gathered on the sandy shore.
It is another woman. She looks at me. I look at her. “What the hell just happened?” I ask her. (A very strange question to ask a stranger.) But I recognize something within this woman.
 “I don’t know,” she replies. “ I was hoping you would know.” 
We find ourselves continuing our walk, how odd that I’ve never known this woman before – yet we are sisters. She reaches out to give my hand a sisterly squeeze that says, “You are not alone.” I squeeze her’s back. We don’t know where we are going, or why we are here. But we keep walking. 
Soon we can see another figure in the distance. She joins us. Another of our sisters… and another and another and another… Until we are holding the hands of many women, an unfortunate continuing line which grows and grows and continues to grow. A sorority none of us asked to pledge. A pink rover line. Although we wince at every new hand held – joining our line, there is comfort in numbers. Not one of us understands the “why” of it. But there is an assurance and a comfort that comes in just “being” together.
We cry together. 
We laugh together. 
We are quiet together. 
We mourn together – not only the lives of those who have had to let go of our fingers (but never our hearts) and moved on to the heavenly shores of eternity – but we mourn for our own lives. The lives we once knew. 
Oh don’t mistake any one of US as weak. The waves of the tsunami have beaten us down but we’ve arisen stronger. Our senses for life more keen, our appreciation for today – strong. It is as though we’ve arisen from the storm with a vibrancy. Shouldn’t it be an oxymoron that we can be both vulnerable and strong? 
Yet I move forward, still picking up the pieces of a shattered old life, appreciative of the ability to map out a new one. Trying to figure out who this new woman is? This one called – “me.” Alone – yet not alone…
Looking at the horizon, not certain what the future holds in store. Feeling the responsibility of even being “given” a future, learning to “live in the moment” thankful for a God who, while I only have seen in part – He has seen in full. He has seen the “fullness” of “Me.” There is a comfort in that. It must be where the “peace that passes all understanding” abides, completely and totally in Him.


Pink Sister Koryn, Talented, thoughtful, kind – She shines forth the fruit of the Spirit ALL she does. One of the most talented women I have ever met in my life.
Kelly (Me)
Pink Sister – Michelle, She was once my Pink Twin, now she walks the streets of Heaven that are paved in gold. Michelle always had a kind word for everyone, was always reaching out making a difference in the lives of all who knew her. She will ALWAYS be loved, mentioned and remembered. Because I know that even in Heaven, Michelle is “hopin’ and prayin’ for ALL of us.
Pink Sister Gail, She is a pillar of strength for ALL those of us who know and love her. She is one of the Pinks “head cheerleaders” no matter what comes Gail’s way she always has a prayer and a kind word for everyone. She is one-of-a-kind special.
Pink Sister – Linda. You can’t help but notice her outside beauty it’s apparent but as beautiful as this Pink Sister is on the outside she is equally as beautiful on the in… You would not know by looking at her ALL the battles Linda has gone through because she doesn’t complain about them, she turns them around to encourage others. She is definitely one of God’s finest of jewels...
Pink Sister – Glenda. She is a Prayer Warrior, her faith is in God and her life is one that testifies greatly to what she believes. A genuine blessing to all who know her, a woman of great faith.
Pink Sister Janet – Janet is creative, compassionate and fun loving. A Sister who finds joy in living and knows how to make that joy contagious.


*Art Work Created by one very talented Pink Sister, Ria Goudswaard
Pink Sister – Ria, otherwise known as “Warrior Gal” No matter what Ria keeps on fighting and encouraging pink sisters by her thoughtful artwork.
Pink Sister – Joan. She is kind, caring, gentle. One would not know by this gentle sister the strength behind her and all that she has gone through. She is the one who makes me think of “the disciple Jesus’ loved most, James” – Everyone loves Joan. She is the gentlest of Pinks I have ever met.

Pink Sister – Tina.  Tina lives life FULLY.  She is a firecracker and someone who prays diligently.  She is a blessing to ALL who know her.
Pink Sister – Robyn. She has been through so much, yet Robyn continues to write for the Lord and encourage people. A Prayer Warrior, her faith is real and if she calls you friend, you are blessed indeed.

 Pink Sister Tracey – Although Tracey left us a few years ago to join Jesus in Heaven, she taught those of us who knew and loved her to “make every moment count.” She encouraged us to live life fully.  This is something she did so beautifully.  Not a day goes by that she isn’t missed and remembered.  We love you Tracey, yesterday, today and ALL the tomorrows that God decides to gift us.

Best Friend, Pink Sister – Catherine (Cat). She is our “Diva” Pink. She is the most unselfish woman I know. Cat is my closest friend, she always puts others ahead of herself. She is a firecracker and never does ANYTHING halfway. If Cat says it – she MEANS it. Cat also leads by example, she talks the talk AND walks the walk. She is beautiful and caring and thoughtful and kind. This is one Pink Sister who is a fighter. She is WELL loved by all of us who know her and I’m SO very proud to have her as my best friend.
Pink Sister – Debbi, She is insightful, caring and has the BEST sense of humor. To know her is to love her and WE DO.
Pink Sister – Melissa, She is on a mission, one to help find a cure for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, her impact, love and caring go a LONG way with the Pink Community. Her blog page is listed on “Kelly’s Favorite Links” She TRULY makes a difference with all her hard work, care and devotion.
Pink Sister – Karen. Karen is creative and she is a teacher, the compassion and devotion she has for her students is truly one that is heartfelt. Karen no matter ALL that she has gone through continues to make a difference in the lives of future generations. She is an exceptional, compassionate, caring Pink who often puts the needs of others ahead of herself.




Pink Sister – Sherry brings forth smiles and a desire to give her great big sisterly hugs in all she does.  She loves life and shares her travel journeys with us.  One very gentle Pink Sister with a tremendously big heart.
Pink Sister Sharon – Her personality is as beautiful as her smile. To know her is to love her and we all do. A woman of great strength and class.