Just a Spoonful of Sugar – Or is it Salt???

            Are YOU Reading the Directions?

This is literally such a little thing that it is HUGE to write about, something worth sharing…  Yesterday we all stayed home as a family, Johnny had come down with a bad cold and both Matty and I were concerned.  Friday, I had left work early to take a reluctant John to an urgent care appointment, just to make sure he didn’t have the flu or strep throat.  Thankfully, the doctor tested him for both and both tests came up negative.  He indicated that a very bad cold virus was going throughout Austin and that it would probably take two weeks for Johnny to get over it.  He looked at me and told me that it was “highly contagious” I raised an eyebrow in response more determined than ever to take care of my husband, and to NOT get the virus.  He prescribed a couple of nasal medications for our John to take, and after getting him situated comfortably at home, putting a crock pot full of the makings of homemade chicken soup, Matty and I ventured off to Walgreen’s to pick up our Johnny’s prescriptions.  Someone had told me about something called “Airborne” a medication high in Zinc and other herbal ingredients that I had been told helps keep a cold or virus at bay, so along with Johnny’s prescriptions, I purchased it.  I looked at Matthew and before leaving Walgreen’s I popped open the tube containing the Airborne tablets (which were about the size of a half a dollar) and gave one to Matty and one to myself to chew.  We popped them into our mouths as we grabbed our bags and headed out the door.  Then horrified at the taste, we looked at each other.  Honestly, if we hadn’t been in a public place, in a store, we probably BOTH would have spit the chewed particles out just as quickly as we could get the offensive taste out of our mouths.  It was the most disgusting thing I had ever placed in my mouth.  I looked at Matty and said, “I’m going to throw up… We gotta get outta here.”  He responded, “Oh my gosh Mom, what is this? It is drying up all the spit in my mouth.”  A citrus, sizzling tablet that made you think you were going to foam at the mouth.  We both chewed it up as quickly as we could, gagging but swallowing it, commiserating at how horrible it tasted and swearing that we would never ever take it again.  Matty solemnly swearing that he would rather get sick than eat another one of the tablets.  I prayed that wouldn’t be the case, while agreeing with him at the same time.

The next morning, we all woke up.  Matty and I made sure our John was fed breakfast, given cold medication, situated comfortably on the sofa where he and Matty could play TV games and we could spend the day taking care of our John and I could get household duties like cleaning and laundry done and we could keep our John company while he recovered.  I brought out the Airborne medication and looked at Matty and said, “Matt – you know we have to have another one.  I cannot afford to be out sick from work at this time and you cannot afford to miss school.”  Matty eyeballed the medication and looked at me stubbornly and said, “Mom, there is absolutely NO WAY I am going to put another one of those things in my mouth.  I’d rather get sick.  SORRY but it’s just not going to happen.”  Johnny looked at us inquisitively.  We explained to him what had happened, and amusement filled his eyes.  I looked down at the tube of Airborne wondering how I was going to get both Matty and I to put another one of those tablets into our mouths.  Reading the directions, I started to laugh.  Matty and Johnny looked at me questioningly, I had a hard time containing my laughter while trying to get the words out.  “Put tablet in a glass with a small amount of water to dissolve before taking medication….”   Our John looked at us both and started laughing, “I thought something was wrong with what you were telling me, but I didn’t want to say anything,” he said continuing to laugh.  Matty looked at me accusingly, laughter filling his own face.  Going into the kitchen, he took a glass out of the cabinet filled it with a little bit of water and plopped a tablet in there watching the fizz begin and the tablet dissolve.  “I can’t believe you Mom!” He said and then proceeded to quickly drink the medicine down.

Moral of the story… We make life so much harder for ourselves when we “assume” that we know what needs doing.  We make it harder (and often times less pleasant) for ourselves.  If only, we would take time to read “God’s directions” which He has given us in His Word, to HELP US.  To GUIDE US.  To BLESS Us life would be so much easier, a lot of discomfort and pain that we experience is because we think we know MORE than Him.  We think we know a “better way” or a “short cut” and Our God in Heaven shakes His head at us (and I’ll bet that head shaking is full of amusement – sometimes along with frustration.  “If only my people would listen to ME.  Would follow MY directions which were written in love, in wisdom with guidance to get them through EVERY life situation.  IF ONLY…”

Are you hearing what God is saying to you today?  I pray God blesses you as He has blessed us.  Hear Him, His direction, His Word is the BEST medicine you will ever take… with or without water. 

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